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Responsible for the content:

Pension Knoll
Eva Knoll

Erdl 5a

4861 Schörfling/Attersee


Tel. +43 (0) 7662 3571

Fax: +43 (0) 7662 3571-10


Wirtschaftskammer OÖ  Fachgruppe: Hotellerie 

The Austrian hotel contract conditions apply.



Bank connection:

Account Number: 97 980, BLZ 34608. (Raiffeisenbank Seewalchen )

IBAN: AT61 3460 8000 0009 7980

BIC-Code: RZOOAT2L608 (Internat. BLZ)

VAT number:  ATU 78914668

All prices stated on the pages in EUR, price changes reserved.



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Photo credits:

Pension Knoll

TVB Attersee

Elke Holzmann

Pension Knoll Attersee
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